Entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker

Stella Kiinama is a renowned international motivational speaker. She is greatly known for inspiring, empowering and motivating people to continue striving no matter the obstacles they face until they reach their purpose and destiny. 


Stella believes that the best way to get to your purpose is by first finding your true identity and achieving wholeness and then pursue your purpose

After going through a horrific time in her marriage where she was burned on her face and chest by her ex-husband. She believed that the reason she ended up  in that situation was because she did not know who she was, and she had a lot of insecurities. She was broken!

Now she is passionate about helping people realize that regardless of where you came from and what you have been through, you can still reach your destiny! 

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Meet Stella

Find your true identity, pursue wholeness and fulfill your purpose!"

Stella Kiinama